We provide independent trusteeship through our specialist trust company, TM Trustees Limited, who act jointly with the member trustees to fulfil the formal role of administrator, in compliance with HMRC regulations.

We can establish new SSAS for an employer as well as take over existing SSAS from other providers, making sure it is registered in accordance with the appropriate legislation.

At establishment we will:

  • Prepare application pack and governing documents.
  • Create scheme, systems, administration and trusts.
  • Set up scheme bank account and process application.
  • Provide technical advice.
  • Online registration of scheme administrator.

Annually we will:

  • Provide of Professional Trustee and Joint Administrator services
  • Reconcile banking transactions.
  • Keep all records.
  • Provide an annual valuation of investments (excluding properties).
  • Recovery of tax on investment income (where applicable).
  • Prepare and submit scheme returns where required.