Graham Muir joins Skiing with Heroes Business Challenge

Graham Muir, Principal of Talbot and Muir, will join a group from First State Investments who will be participating in the Skiing with Heroes Business Challenge in January 2015 and would greatly appreciate your support.

The ‘Business Challenge’ forms a central part of the Skiing with Heroes mission to help wounded Veterans restore their confidence and find full-time employment.  It builds on the success of the 2013 Skiing with Heroes skiing event which saw all those wounded Veterans who took part, and who were looking for work, being placed in long-term employment.

Proceeds from the Challenge would not only contribute to the Skiing with Heroes ongoing ski-habilitation and employment schemes but also the establishment of a pain clinic.  When the charity asked Veterans which issues and solutions are most important to them, they have invariably responded, “pain management and gaining employment”.  Fundamentally, the former facilitates the latter.

The Business Challenge will see Team First State take on other teams from the business community in an endurance ski race on day 1 and a giant slalom on day 2.

Friday 9th January – The Ski Marathon.  It will be necessary for teams to ski as far as possible in the time allowed, according to rules that reward strategy, planning, and cunning more than outright speed and power. Teams must ski together for the whole event and get as close as they can to the maximum distance of 101.8 km. Gradients, hazards, stamina and pace will all play crucial roles, so the winning team will be the best prepared and the best team players!

Saturday 10th January – The Giant Slalom Race.  Each entrant will have two attempts on the giant slalom course. However, the challenge will not be so much about speed as consistency. Levels of skill, stamina, discipline and determination will put a new perspective on traditional skiing prowess.

Importantly there will also be Veterans teams taking part allowing competitors a direct insight into the valuable work that the charity does. One of the teams will comprise of members of the Combined Services Disabled Ski Team so the challengers will definitely have their work cut out for them!

If you want to help this great charity by sponsoring Graham and the rest of the team then it is easy to do through their Just Giving page