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HMRC de-authorising of SSASs

HMRC de-authorising of SSASs  It has been widely reported of late in the financial press that from 6 April 2018 HMRC will be given new […]

Focus 112 – Affordability of Property in SIPP and SSAS

Are you and your client considering putting a commercial property in a SIPP or SSAS? It is important that you consider the full costs of […]

Talbot and Muir continues to see impressive growth and sets its sights on new premises in its 25th year.

Talbot and Muir continues to see impressive growth and sets its sights on new premises in its 25th year  ·       14% increase in new SIPP […]

Focus 111 – Tax Year End 2018

With the 2018 tax year end in sight, can we assist with any end-of-year tax contributions? Over the years, we have seen scope for contributions […]

Money Marketing Awards

We are delighted to be nominated in this year’s Money Marketing Awards as Pension Provider 2018 and Company Of The Year.  These awards recognise, reward […]

Provider sounds SSAS maladministration warning to advisers

Advisers must be fully aware who administers small self-administered schemes they advise on or risk potential problems further down the line, Talbot & Muir has […]

SSAS remains buoyant, but be careful who you partner with warns Talbot and Muir

Talbot and Muir, the independent small self administered scheme (SSAS) and self invested personal pension (SIPP) specialist, has highlighted the dangers of SSAS administrators changing […]

Focus 110 – Strength in numbers

For some years now we have operated under the ‘Talbot and Muir’ trading style but have maintained two distinct businesses, Talbot & Muir SIPP LLP […]

Graham Muir: Have you got a Klinsmann in your client bank?

Graham Muir looks at the lessons financial services can learn from professional football when it comes to insistent clients looking to take a dive…

Focus 109 – Spiralling SSAS Fees

Over the last few days we have had a number of enquiries about potential SSAS takeovers, driven by the fact that existing SSAS providers have […]

Please bring back the Pensioneer Trustee Paul Darvill: Please bring back the pensioneer trustee Dear Minister One area I would ask you to review is the return to a mandatory […]

Focus 108 – The Talbot and Muir SIPP

In accordance with our published Schedule of Fees and Services, on 1st June each year the SIPP annual administration fee and Property SIPP annual administration […]

Focus 107 – Survival of the Fittest

Does size matter? Graham Muir, Founder and Director of Talbot and Muir recently wrote an article for Retirement Planner. In this he gives his views […]

Survival of the fittest

Size and scale are increasingly being seen as crucial qualities for a SIPP business but, argues Graham Muir, those two factors alone do not necessarily […]

Bulk SSAS take-overs are on the increase

Despite some recent negative publicity, says Paul Darvill, a well-run SSAS can be a valuable planning tool for a small business and there is still […]

Focus 106 – SSAS Takeovers

Recently, there has been a marked increase in the enquiries we are receiving to take over existing SSASs, ranging from single schemes to books of […]

Focus 105 – SIPP set up – Tax year end deadline

Where an initial contribution is paid by cheque (payable to “Talbot & Muir SIPP re Client Initial and Surname”), our cut off date for an […]

Focus 104 – Improvements to our SSAS establishment process

HMRC has stepped up the due diligence it is carrying out in respect of registration requests for the establishment of new SSAS.  This is in […]

Focus 103 – Important changes to lettings post 01/04/2018

Focus 103 – Important changes to lettings post 01/04/2018  – Minimum Energy Efficiency Standards Regulations (MEES)   Whilst this is a new area of law […]

Focus 102 – Fixed and Individual protection 2016

Fixed and Individual protection 2016 From 28th July it has been possible to apply for FP16 and IP16 using the Government Gateway, which requires the […]

Acquisition of Attivo SIPP and SSAS admin

Talbot and Muir will take over the duties and responsibilities relating to SIPP and SSAS administration previously assumed by Attivo Financial Services Limited, at the […]

Talbot and Muir launch new SIPP product

The Talbot and Muir SIPP will replace the existing product range that includes Elite Retirement Account (ERA) and Simple Retirement Account (SRA), will have no […]

Thoughts and Musings #1 – Graham Muir

Square pegs…. Mark Twain once said ‘Get your facts first, then you can distort them as you please’. While it would be a gross distortion […]

BBC Radio 4 Moneybox – SIPPs

Paul Lewis discusses capital adequacy in SIPPs in relation to fixed term deposit accounts in his weekly show on Radio 4. He also discusses gift […]

Taper troubles: how to prepare for annual allowance changes

Claire Trott Head of pensions technical at Talbot and Muir When calculating earnings in order to work out the amount of tapering on the annual […]